5th October 2024
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Capturing meaningful moments that leave a legacy

Capturing meaningful moments that leave a legacy

Anyone can take photos on their phone and share them on social media. But what does it take to capture meaningful moments that leave a legacy?

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Lina & Tom, Wedding Photographers

Date: Saturday 7th October

Time: 10am

Location: The Cambridge & Autumn Photography Show, The Hilton Cambridge, Downing Street

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to do just that. They are special days for the couple and their loved ones. But, it takes a specific approach to photography to get it right.

Based in Cambridgeshire, Lina and Tom are an international husband and wife team specialising in wedding photography.

In their talk they’ll explain why being a professional wedding photographer is a viable and important career path in photography.

With almost fifteen years of experience and over 400 weddings under their belt, they know that their work is not simply about taking aesthetically pleasing photos, but rather about creating a legacy for their clients and families that will immortalise them forever. They feel a deep sense of honour in fulfilling this role.


Cambridge Photography Week
Cambridge Photography Week

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