5th October 2024
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Film Photography: Old-School is the New School!

Film Photography: Old-School is the New School!

Why is film still a viable choice even in today’s world of megapixels and AI processing? In this talk, Iain will debunk myths and show how to fall in love with the process again. He’ll discuss the value of film and how it fits into a modern workflow that starts with a roll and ends with the web.

Iain Compton

Speaker: Iain Compton, Film Photographer

Date: Saturday 7th October

Time: 11am

Location: The Cambridge & Autumn Photography Show, The Hilton Cambridge, Downing Street

Iain began his photography journey as a product photographer for an international magazine, shooting on large format cameras for offset press. Like many photographers, he embraced digital photography when it became popular, but found himself drawn back into the world of mechanical cameras and manual everything. You can find his work on Instagram at Instagram.com/serialforeigner or on his blog at www.serialforeigner.phot

Cambridge Photography Week
Cambridge Photography Week

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