2nd-7th October 2023
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Pet Photography for Beginners: Creating Narrative in Images [Postponed]

Pet Photography for Beginners: Creating Narrative in Images [Postponed]

This talk has now been postponed until further notice. If you re interested in this kind of talk in the future please let us know.

    Join us for an engaging & informative talk on “Pet Photography for Beginners: Creating Narrative in Images.”


    Speaker: River Wilson, Pet Photographer

    Date: Saturday 7th October

    Time: 11am

    Location: The Cambridge & Autumn Photography Show, The Hilton Cambridge, Downing Street

    Whether you’re an aspiring pet photographer or simply want to capture more meaningful moments with your furry friends, this talk is designed to unlock the power of story telling through pet photography.

    Discover how to go beyond ordinary snapshots and evoke emotions, personalities and stories in your images. From planning and composition to capturing expressions and incorporating props, we’ll explore practical techniques and essential tips for creating captivating narratives.

    Unleash your creativity and learn how to transform your pet into a beautiful or ridiculously funny model. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an exciting journey into the world of pet photography.

    River Wilson first started practising photography as a child, on her pet puppy, Meeko. She’s now an accomplished, passionate Pet Photographer and Dog Behaviourist, dedicated to capturing the unique personality and essence of animals.

    Achieving a degree in wildlife media prompted her to focus on pets specifically. Now with 10 years of experience as a pet photographer, River has established a reputation for delivering stunning and heartwarming photographs that truly showcase the personality and bond between pets and their owners.

    Known for their exceptional ability to connect with animals on a deep level, River possesses an innate understanding of their behaviour, especially dog behaviour, enabling them to create a comfortable and relaxed environment during every photoshoot. By putting both pets and owners at ease, and using fun training games to mentally stimulate pets, River ensures that each session is an enjoyable and memorable experience for all involved.

    In her free time, River promotes correct animal care and rights and actively helps rescue both wild and domesticated animals.

    Supporting rescues is important to River and helps by doing free shoots for animals looking for their forever homes.

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