5th October 2024
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Take your first steps in food photography The why and the how

Take your first steps in food photography – The why and the how

Ilian Iliev food photographer, educator and published author will share his extensive experience with you in this talk. He will cover food styling, composition, lighting and more!


Speaker: Ilian Iliev, food photographer

Date: Saturday 7th October

Time: 12pm

Location: The Cambridge & Autumn Photography Show, The Hilton Cambridge, Downing Street

ilian began his career in photography as a news photographer before moving to London and starting a new career in commercial photography, developing his own unique style – balancing commercial appeal with an acutely artistic eye.

He has over twenty years of experience working in editorial and commercial projects specialising in food styling and photography, both locally and internationally.

He prepares and shoots the food all on-site from his Cambridge based kitchen studio.


Cambridge Photography Week
Cambridge Photography Week

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