5th October 2024
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Introducing Flic Film: The Sustainable Choice in Film Photography

Introducing Flic Film: The Sustainable Choice in Film Photography

Who Is Flic Film?

Located in Canada, Flic Film is not your average 35mm film manufacturer. We’re also a blender of photochemicals and a distributor of film photography accessories. Our ethos revolves around two core principles: delivering top-notch customer quality and fostering environmental sustainability. For those in the UK, you can directly purchase our products through SJF Photographic.

Spotlight: Flic Chrome 100

Our Flic Chrome 100 is a respooled KODAK Ektachrome 100D Colour Positive Film, designed for E6 developers. This daylight-balanced colour transparency film stands out for its incredibly fine grain structure, vivid colour rendering, and generally low-contrast profile. It’s a film that appreciates the subtleties and can bring a unique character to your shots.

Spotlight: Flic Elektra 100

Moving on, let’s talk about Flic Elektra 100. Engineered for C-41 developers, this product is a respooled KODAK Aerocolor IV Colour Negative Film. Elektra 100 is a fine-grain, medium-speed film that offers excellent acuity and true colour rendition. It is particularly suited for photographers who crave authenticity and detail in their work.

Go Green with 3 Bath Dry Chemical C-41 Kits

We know sustainability is important, which is why our 3 Bath Dry Chemical C-41 Kits are designed to be environmentally friendly. Each kit includes a developer, bleach, and powder fixer. The separation of bleach and fixer not only prolongs the chemicals’ shelf life but also ensures consistent results. Plus, fewer chemicals mean a reduced carbon footprint.

Black, White, and Green

At Flic Film, we’ve taken a unique approach to developers as well. Our Black, White, and Green developer is safe enough to be poured down the drain, thanks to its Vitamin C active developer and Phenidone, a low-toxicity additive. It’s a highly concentrated developer with an impressive shelf life.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

For those keen on developing film at home or looking for storage solutions, we offer a wide variety of accessories. From Precision Temperature Water Baths and developer Tool Kits to Archival Negative Files for secure storage, we’ve got you covered.

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