5th October 2024
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Brought To You By Campkins Cameras

Macro Magic Unveiled: Exploring OM System Cameras for Stunning Close-ups

Join us for an exciting live stream event hosted by David Smith, your guide to the captivating world of macro photography with OM System Cameras. Whether you’re a seasoned macro enthusiast or just starting to explore the wonders of close-up photography, this event promises to be a visual treat and an educational journey.

Macro Equipment Showcase

David Smith, OM System’s macro photography expert, will take you through a showcase of OM System’s cutting-edge equipment designed specifically for macro photography. From specialized macro lenses to essential accessories, you’ll discover the tools that can elevate your macro shots to a whole new level.

In-Depth Demos

Get ready to witness jaw-dropping macro shots captured in real-time. David will demonstrate various techniques and share his tips and tricks for capturing mesmerizing close-ups. He’ll explore how OM System Cameras leverage technology to make macro photography more accessible and enjoyable.

System Features for Macro

David will delve into the unique features of OM System Cameras that are tailored to excel in macro photography. From high-resolution techniques to in-body stabilization, you’ll learn how these features contribute to achieving sharp, detailed, and captivating macro images.

Q&A Session

Have burning questions about macro photography or OM System Cameras? David will be answering your questions live during the event. It’s your chance to get expert advice and insights tailored to your specific interests.

Cambridge Photography Week
Cambridge Photography Week

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