5th October 2024
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Panasonic Lumix S9 Review

Panasonic Lumix S9 Review

All right, mate, let me tell you about the Panasonic LUMIX S9 – this little beast is an absolute game-changer for content creators and vloggers. It’s a compact full-frame mirrorless camera that packs a serious punch when it comes to image quality and video performance.

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Image Quality:

First off, the S9 boasts a 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, which means you’ll be capturing some proper stunning photos, even when the lighting’s not quite up to snuff. The advanced 5-axis Active I.S. (Image Stabilisation) technology keeps your footage nice and steady, so you can say goodbye to shaky videos that make your viewers feel a bit queasy.

Video Performance:

Now, let’s talk about the video capabilities of this little powerhouse. The LUMIX S9 can shoot jaw-dropping 6K video at 24p/25p/30p and 4K video at 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p. That’s some serious flexibility for all you content creators out there. Plus, with the MP4 Lite format, you can record videos that are optimised for smartphones, making it a breeze to edit and share your content on the go. And if you want to add a bit of creative flair to your videos, the REAL TIME LUT function and dedicated ‘LUT’ button let you grade your colours right in the camera, saving you precious time in post-production.

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Design and Ergonomics:

The LUMIX S9’s compact and lightweight body makes it the perfect companion for your everyday shooting and travel adventures. It comes in four proper stylish colours – Jet Black, Crimson Red, Dark Olive, and Classical Blue – so you can choose the one that best suits your style. The free-angle 3.0″ LCD screen is a real treat for vlogging, selfies, and capturing those unique angles that’ll make your content stand out. With the LUMIX Lab app, you can easily adjust aspect ratios and create LUTs for seamless social media integration.

Autofocus and Workflow:

The PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-Focus) system on the LUMIX S9 is top-notch, ensuring you get fast and accurate focusing, even when you’re tracking moving subjects. This makes the camera suitable for a wide range of photography genres. And with its streamlined workflow, from capture to post-production, you’ll spend less time fiddling with your files and more time creating killer content.


Now, no camera is perfect, and the LUMIX S9 does have a couple of drawbacks. The compact size means the grip might be a bit small for those of you with larger hands. With only one SD card slot, professional users who need redundancy in their workflow might find this a bit limiting.

All in all, the Panasonic LUMIX S9 is a cracking choice for content creators, vloggers, and photography enthusiasts who want a compact camera that delivers exceptional image quality and advanced video features. Its full-frame sensor, 5-axis image stabilisation, 6K/4K video recording, and REAL TIME LUT function make it a versatile tool for creating stunning content across various platforms.

Buy The Panasonic Lumix S9

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If you fancy getting your hands on the Panasonic LUMIX S9, head on over to Campkins Cameras and check out the different kit options available. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Owen Howell
Owen Howell

Owen Howell is a highly respected camera reviewer at Cambridge Photography, known for his in-depth knowledge. Born into a family with a rich history in the camera trade, Owen learned the ins and outs of the business from his father, Barry, and grandfather, Tom. As the third-generation owner of Campkins Cameras, Owen has assembled a highly qualified team of practising photographers, collectively boasting over 100 years of experience. When he's not reviewing the latest gear or sharing his expertise with fellow enthusiasts, you can reach Owen and his team via live chat on the Campkins Cameras website, by emailing sales@campkinscameras.com, or by calling 01223 368087.

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