5th October 2024
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Cambridge Photographer Richard Howell Photography

Cambridge Photographer – Richard Howell Photography

As we gear up for another exciting edition of Cambridge Photography Week, we’re thrilled to spotlight one of our local talents: Richard Howell of Richard Howell Photography. Based in the heart of Cambridge, Richard is a skilled photographer and videographer who has been capturing the essence of our community through his lens.

A Bit About Richard Howell Photography

Born and raised in Cambridge, Richard has a deep-rooted connection to the community. His photography journey began with his dad’s Nikon DSLR, and it quickly blossomed into a full-blown passion. Over the years, Richard has honed his skills to become one of Cambridge’s go-to photographers for various types of photography, including event, portrait and commercial lifestyle photography.

Event Photography

A Versatile Visual Storyteller in Cambridge and Beyond

Richard’s passion for visual storytelling is evident in his diverse portfolio, which showcases his ability to capture memorable moments and create compelling narratives through both photography and video. From event coverage to commercial and lifestyle content, and portrait photography for families, weddings, and individuals, Richard’s work demonstrates his versatility and creativity.

Capturing the Spirit of Cambridge Photography Week

During Cambridge Photography Week, we celebrate the rich visual heritage of our city and the talented individuals who contribute to its vibrant creative scene. Richard Howell Photography embodies this spirit, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Whether he’s photographing a local event or creating engaging video content for a Cambridge-based business, Richard’s work showcases the best of our community.

Exploring the Power of Video

In addition to his photography services, Richard is also making waves in the world of videography. As video content continues to dominate the digital landscape, Richard recognizes the importance of offering his clients a full range of visual storytelling options. From promotional videos to event highlights and testimonials, his videography services help bring stories to life and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Connecting with the Cambridge Creative Community

At Cambridge Photography Week, we’re passionate about fostering connections within our creative community. We’re proud to feature talented individuals like Richard Howell, who not only contribute to the visual richness of our city but also collaborate with other local businesses and organizations. By showcasing Richard’s work, we hope to inspire others to explore the power of visual storytelling and connect with the incredible talent in our midst.

Event Photography

Experience Richard Howell Photography at Cambridge Photography Week

If you’re attending Cambridge Photography Week, be sure to keep an eye out for Richard Howell Photography. Whether you’re interested in learning more about his services or simply want to appreciate the work of a talented local photographer and videographer, Richard’s contributions to our event are not to be missed.

We invite you to visit Richard’s website rh.photography to explore his portfolio including his wildlife photography and discover how he can help you tell your story through stunning visuals.

Owen Howell
Owen Howell

Owen Howell is a highly respected camera reviewer at Cambridge Photography, known for his in-depth knowledge. Born into a family with a rich history in the camera trade, Owen learned the ins and outs of the business from his father, Barry, and grandfather, Tom. As the third-generation owner of Campkins Cameras, Owen has assembled a highly qualified team of practising photographers, collectively boasting over 100 years of experience. When he's not reviewing the latest gear or sharing his expertise with fellow enthusiasts, you can reach Owen and his team via live chat on the Campkins Cameras website, by emailing sales@campkinscameras.com, or by calling 01223 368087.

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