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Cambridge Photography Week 2022

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Thursday night at the Bath House

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Learn & share together

My journey as a photographer in the fashion and music industry – Live

In this lunchtime live session, you will learn about Wanda’s journey as a photographer and the inspiration behind her work. 

Making your mark as a female photographer – embrace the challenges, and the opportunities

Join Jemima Willcox, founder of The Willcox Collective, in this panel discussion about being a female photographer in what is seen in a male-dominated industry. 

Running Cambridgeimages.co.uk as a side venture

Keith will talk about how he got started, how he manages to run this side venture and shares advice on how to set something up yourself. He’ll also share some of his most popular photos of Cambridge.

NFTs – Helping artists and photographers share their work with the world

 In this forward-thinking talk, we unbox NFTs just for you – what are they and what do they mean for the future of creativity, and business. 

From celebrities to portraits in Cambridge: My photographic journey by Jean-Luc Benazet

 In this forward-thinking talk, we unbox NFTs just for you – what are they and what do they mean for the future of creativity, and business. 

Focusing power and options of the OM-1

Jon David Smith as he takes you for a quick dip into the focusing options and capabilities of the OM System OM-1.

Creating a happy balance between photography, work, and life

Mark packs a lot into his days and has some useful hacks to help you make the most of your time. But he also values stepping back from the camera – the time out makes him a happier human and a better photographer.

Photography Showcase: Light and Shade

Mark’s photography showcase – Light and Shade – takes us through some of his photography that best represents his photographic story, style and techniques.

My Art Photography Journey

Robin takes us through her art photography journey. She’ll also talk through the story, style and technique behind a selection of her photography.

Talking Video: Raw vs polished productions

Jemima and Oli talk about their interpretations of what raw video production is all about. And they compare this to higher production content. There’s a time and a place for both – Jemima and Oli cover it all while giving us some tips on when to use each production style. 

Wildlife Photography – The Grizzly Bears of Alaska with Lucia Griggi

Join Canon Ambassador, and award-winning photographer, Lucia Griggi, as she talks about a recent project with the brown bears of Alaska.

Photography Showcase: Abandoned Places

Vilokini’s photography showcase – Abandoned Places – explores the beauty of things impermanent, imperfect and incomplete. She explore the textures and muted colours of once pristine walls of largely abandoned buildings.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No…it’s a Wildlife Trust drone!

Josh Hellon shows how drone technology is being used to help with the Trust’s conservation work. The talk will cover how the Trust map habitats, take landscape photos and HD video at numerous wildlife sites. 

Turning a passion for photography and culture into a popular Instagram account

Sohini Datta talks about why she set up the account and what it takes to build a following. She’s turned her passion for photography into something she shares with thousands of people

Is an image enough in a world dominated by video?

What does the rise of video mean for stills photography? And what place does an image have in a digital age? Jemima Willcox, founder of The Willcox Collective, will discuss this, and more, in a special panel discussion.

How to get your photography exhibited

Mad Mods and a Camera has come from photos on a hard drive to a book and more recently to his first exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery, Woking. Duncan tells us how he got there!

How to get your photography featured in Time Out London when photography is just a hobby

Kritt chats with us about what he did to get featured in Time Out, what he loves about review bars and restaurants. All with the backdrop of some of his favourite foodie shots.